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Travis Frederick broke ex-teammates' arms, wrists

Few first-round picks were as criticized as the Dallas Cowboys' 2013 NFL Draft selection, center Travis Frederick. But no one will complain that Jerry Jones selected Frederick "too early" if the former Wisconsin standout winds up starting for the next eight years.

Frederick is known for his position flexibility and his strong technical skill. He also might be known for his nastiness.

"Unfortunately, he has an extreme nastiness," Frederick's college coach Bret Bielema told KESN-FM in Dallas on Sunday. "I had to get on him a few of times. He broke a couple guys' arms and wrists by throwing them down on the ground and whacking them a little bit after the play, on our own team. ..."

I'm not into grading drafts right after the fact. If Frederick is a good player, it was a good pick. I heard a lot of similar criticism lobbed at the Patriots in 2005 when they picked unknown guard Logan Mankins in the first round, when people thought they could have selected him much later.

If Frederick turns out to be a quality starter, it was a good pick. As long as he doesn't break too many of his teammates' arms along the way.

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