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Training Camp Buzz: A sunny Jay Cutler for Bears

Jay Cutler is happy because Mike Martz is gone. Jay Cutler smiles because his buddy Brandon Marshall is in town. Jay Cutler loves new weapon Alshon Jeffrey.

If offseason puff pieces about "comfort" lead to on-field success, this is the year that Cutler changes the way you think about him. He's in a group with Tony Romo, Joe Flacco and Michael Vick, quarterbacks who could elevate their stature with one Eli-in-2011 type of year.

All the positivity worries me. Sunniness is not the Cutler Way. Under Lovie Smith, the Chicago Bears only seem to play well when no one expects it.

A Good Day for ...

  1. The Tennessee Titans want Jake Locker want to win the starting job. NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reports the team expects it to happen and Locker is the favorite. This news could make Titans at Patriots the best 1 p.m. ET game in Week 1. Not that I'm planning ahead or anything.
  1. Norv Turner indicated the team could run four to five Wildcat plays per game, with Ronnie Brown often at the helm. Apparently this means Brown will make the San Diego Chargers. The man clearly needs more run-pass options.
  1. Under attack recently in Houston, meat came back with a strong performance Tuesday thanks to cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

Aggressive Jim Harbaugh Quote

"We just feel a more certain assurance of success when all that's written is written against us," Harbaugh said. "It's when honeyed words of praise are flowered upon us that we begin to feel exposed before our enemies."

Okay, I cheated a little with this one because Harbaugh said it last season when the 49ers were 3-1. But I saw it for the first time in the San Francisco Chronicle and you cannot deny it is glorious. He came up with this off the top of his head?

Not a Good Day for ...

  1. Just when I was ready to talk up Golden Tate in our daily Training Camp Buzz, the Seattle Seahawks had to go and sign Braylon Edwards. Following the Antonio Bryant move, it's clear the Seahawks still are looking for a split end. That should be Tate's job.
  1. Out of work free agents are growing antsy. Dan Hanzus had a good look at the best of the rest.
  1. Mark Sanchez can't win even when he's reportedly impressing in camp. The right tackle battle looks like Wayne Hunter vs. the world again after Jeff Otah's failed physical. And even Sanchez's receiver depth is getting dogged by ... New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

Oddly embarrassing picture

Here is the Dallas Cowboys' remedial running group of players that failed their team conditioning test: Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins, Brodney Pool and Andre Holmes. That picture is one of the 87 tweets Tuesday you missed if you aren't following Ian Rapoport aka "Papa John."

Position Battling

  1. Washington Redskins running back Tim Hightower clearly isn't close to recovered from his anterior cruciate ligament injury. Evan Royster appears to be getting the most snaps with the starters at running back in Washington. Hightower could take a while to get ready for the season.
  1. The New York Giants' third-round draft pick from a year ago Jernal Jernigan is making a run at significant playing time. When Hakeem Nicks is healthy, The Giants' wideout group will be frightening even after losing Mario Manningham.

Unlucky team of the Day

The Indianapolis Colts lost two players to season-ending ACL injuries, including last year's second-round draft pick G/T Ben Ijalana. It's an especially sad story because Ijalana missed all of last season too.

On the Agenda

We're holding our first ever full-squad, padded Around the League practice Wednesday in Los Angeles. Drop us a line if you have any bright ideas to put on the agenda. Thanks for reading. Only four days until there's a football game during which they keep score and everything.

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