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Trade for Tebow is same old Jets ... with a twist

As a Jets fan, part of the gig is trying to talk yourself into the decisions your team makes.

Bring in Plaxico Burress? Suspect character guy, last team was The Big House, bullet wound in leg ... but sure!

Trade for Brett Favre? Raging egomaniac, clearly using us, roughly 60 years old ... oh, what the hell!

I could go on. This kind of stuff happens all the time. Remember, this is the same team that once drafted Ken O'Brien three picks ahead of Dan Marino.

But this Tim Tebow business? Wow. It's hard to see the sunshine on this one. The Jets might have finally flabbergasted their fan base.

The sad thing here is it's not totally shocking when you remember who the decision-makers are here. From a team standpoint -- you know, the standpoint that's tied to trying to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time since Woodstock -- it makes little sense.

Is Tebow an upgrade over Drew Stanton? Perhaps. But what about Mark Sanchez?

Three weeks ago, he received an extension that guaranteed his next two years with the team. Now he'll undoubtedly be in a situation where his own fans are chanting for his understudy's ascension. Sanchez hasn't always exhibited steely resolve. This has a very good chance to push him over the edge.

But Tebow is a name. Scratch that, the guy is a phenomenon. The Jets' three-headed monster of Woody Johnson, Mike Tannenbaum, and yes, Rex Ryan couldn't resist the siren call of back-page tabloid glory. It's seems like an addiction at this point.

No, I can't talk myself into this one. It's a new kind of pain with the Same Old Jets.

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