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Tracy Porter, Peyton Manning don't talk about pick

Broncos cornerback Tracy Porter could go on to a decade-long career in the NFL, but he'll always be that guy from Super Bowl XLIV. He'll always be the guy that created one of the most indelible moments in Super Bowl history. He'll always be the guy that picked Peyton Manning clean at the biggest moment possible.

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Now Porter and Manning are teammates. That hasn't changed Porter's sense of wonder about the moment.

"A guy that watches the amount of film that he watches, for me to be able to capitalize on a mistake that he made, which he rarely makes, words can't describe it," Porter said via the Denver Post. "Everybody asks me how I felt picking him off, and I always ask them back, 'Have you ever won the lottery?' "

Porter wouldn't actually say this to Manning. The former Saints cornerback knows Manning well enough to not bring up the subject.

"Though we haven't talked about it, it's kind of understood that the play happened," Porter said. "He and I now, we're working together -- we're both from Louisiana, both trying to get back to New Orleans."

The Broncos reaching the Super Bowl would be quite a story too. If that happened, we can expect Porter -- and Manning -- to be asked about that famous interception plenty of times.

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