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Tour de France winner Armstrong tweets jab at Cowboys' Jones

Jerry Jones is notorious for meddling in his team's affairs, and at least one notable Cowboys fan has grown tired of it.

Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, who was born in Dallas and lives in Austin, tweeted an apparent shot at Jones late Sunday night following the Cowboys' 34-7 beatdown by the Eagles on national television.

"'If' I had a few hundred million bucks I'd buy the Dallas Cowboys then get the hell outta the way," Armstrong wrote on his Twitter account.

A "few" hundred million bucks is all Armstrong needs to buy the team? We knew he was rich, but we had no idea he was filthy rich (we've digressed).

In the grand scheme of things, Armstrong probably has a point. But Jones isn't the problem right now in Dallas. It's not like the Cowboys stink because of a Roy Williams-type trade gone wrong. They stink because of Tony Romo, who threw awful pass after awful pass Sunday night and finished an abysmal 18 of 35 for 203 yards.

Now, if Jones is forcing coach Jason Garrett to keep Romo as the starting quarterback against Garrett's better judgment, then Armstrong's tweet is spot on. But that's just conspiracy theory talk right there.

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