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Tony Sparano: Tebow's play gives Sanchez a timeout

Tebow Time is multipurpose, according to offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

The New York Jets have not been shy about their plans to use Tim Tebow in the Wildcat throughout the season. Coach Rex Ryan has said it forces opponents to use valuable practice time to prepare for the option.

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Apparently, it also gives Sparano a little more personal time with starter Mark Sanchez.

"It can be a coincidence," Sparano said, according to The Star-Ledger. "I've had good experience in the past with that part of it because there's so many people that say flow and it'll interrupt his flow. You interrupt his flow when you're on the sideline on defense, too. That happens during the course of a game.

"That's not something that I get too worked. ... As soon as Mark gets to the sidelines, I go 'What's next, what are you thinking, what do you got?' For me it's an additional timeout. It's a way to get additional information to him."

Sparano should hope that he'll be asking 'What are you thinking?' and not 'What were you thinking?'

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