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Tony Romo's Cowboys leadership heard in 'Sound FX'

Though Tim Tebow has provided a nice respite in the past year or so, Tony Romo remains the most polarizing player who matters in the NFL.

Romo's supporters view him as an elite talent capable of leading his team to greatness. Doubters point to the Dallas Cowboys' absence of success in big games under Romo as a sign he's not the answer.

Truth be told, there's logic on both sides, making Romo the star of one of the game's most compelling debates. With that as the backdrop, we enjoyed the above "Sound FX" footage of Romo leading the Cowboys with both his actions and words last Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.

Take special notice of how forcefully Romo speaks to Dez Bryant, imploring the wide receiver to be ready for kickoff. Connecting Romo's strong words to the 224-yard receiving day that followed for Bryant is pushing it, but it's clear there's a set dynamic in that relationship.

The Cowboys went on to lose in overtime, but that hardly was the fault of Romo, who threw for more than 400 yards and four touchdowns without turning over the ball. You might not view Romo as the long-term answer in Dallas, but this footage shows a player who's confident where he stands with his team.

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