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Tony Romo's back surgery affecting deep ball

Following two surgical procedures in as many years, Tony Romo admitted that he'll "never" feel like his old self again.

The Dallas Cowboys signal-caller will sit out Thursday's preseason game as a precaution, but he's been practicing. Jerry Jones swears Romo is already back to 100 percent, but longtime quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson has a different take.

"It's been OK. I think the deeper the ball goes down the field, it's a little bit more inconsistent," Wilson said Tuesday, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "He's thrown all the intermediates -- the fours and the seven routes and the deep outs -- have been fine. It's just the nine routes and the deep posts. Those things have been a little inconsistent. I think that's all due to his back."

A weakened deep ball is bad news for Dallas' group of speedy wideouts, chiefly Dez Bryant. Last season, Romo passed for a career-low 7.2 yards per attempt. After yet another back surgery, it's fair to wonder if those numbers will take another tumble. Romo took Tuesday off, and will have four consecutive days of rest before his next practice as he works his way back from a herniated disk.

"He can get the ball down the field," said Wilson. "That's not an issue. As camp goes on, he'll just get nothing but stronger and more confident in his throws."

"Hopefully with four days of complete rehab, he can come back on Saturday and start to look like his old self completely."

With Brandon Weeden waiting in the wings, Big D had better hope Romo returns to form.

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