Tony Romo pocketed an extra 64 bucks for one series

Tony Romo played a single series for the Dallas Cowboys last season in his capacity as the most famous understudy in America.

If you follow the game closely, that possession was fairly memorable. In a Week 17 cameo against the Eagles, Romo led the Cowboys to seven points, finishing the drive 3-of-4 passing for 29 yards and a TD. He also threw a deep ball intended for Dez Bryant that led to a pass interference penalty. Success!

Romo was put back in packing peanuts after the possession, never to be seen again. In the end, Romo played 0.47 percent of the Cowboys' snaps in 2016. For that, he earned a cool $64.11 through the league's performance-based pay system. Don't spend it all in one place, Antonio.

We sifted through every team's breakdown and it was Romo who received the second smallest monetary bonus of any player in the NFL. By contrast, teammate Dak Prescott picked up an extra $354,544.57 for starting every game last season, playing in 67.49 percent of the team's total snaps. Prescott had the second-biggest performance-based bump in the league.

No. 1 on the list? Falcons cornerback Brian Poole, who pocketed $371,783.11 for his extensive work with the NFC champions. Yeah, I know I could round these figures up or down, but there's something fun -- something ... powerful -- about having the full amount at my fingertips.

Some other fun nugs:

»Reggie Bush finished with a negative rushing yardage total for the season, but still took home $14,615.83 for his efforts. That's a good agent!

»Bills fullback Glenn Gronkowski pocketed almost $2,800. This should cover one Gronk family happy hour.

»Panthers reserve guard Ryan Wendell played a single snap on special teams this season. For that he earned an extra $250.70. Daddy's gettin' some new Beats headphones!

»Tom Brady made close to $10K for playing 52 percent of New England's snaps. What do Tom and Gisele do with a $10,000 cashier's check? (Answer: It will be used to clean a Himalayan salt kitchen spill.)

» Recently released Eagles quarterback Chase Daniel earned a cool $228.12 for throwing one pass. Add that to his $7 million in take-home pay in 2016 and we're convinced this contract was part of a complex money-laundering scheme shepherded by Howie Roseman.

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