Reggie Bush in danger of ignominious NFL record


Reggie Bush has had a nice NFL career. Maybe not the one people were expecting when he was being hailed as the next Gale Sayers coming out of USC, but he's done well.

A study of his career backs up this generality: Eleven seasons, nearly 5,500 yards rushing, another 3,600 yards receiving, 58 total touchdowns, one Super Bowl ring with the Saints.

All that said, 2016 has been a terrible year for Reggie. Like, historically terrible.

Bush was in the black until an ill-fated end around attempt in overtime against the Dolphins last Saturday resulted in an 8-yard loss. For Reggie's sake, let's hope this isn't the final touch of his career:

Hey Bills interim coach Anthony Lynn, you made that dubious end around call. Don't let the man go out in the red because of it.