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Tony Romo: Dallas Cowboys are a 'complete team'

Though we've never seen this in writing, there appears to be a rule whereby all Tony Romo offseason interviews must include at least one question about his golf game.

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This can be construed in two ways: 1) The interviewer knows Romo loves the sport and has chosen to add some levity to an otherwise mundane summertime Q&A session. Or, 2) The interviewer is using golf as a prism to view how seriously Romo takes his job as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

So. How's your golf game, Tony Romo?

"Non-existent," he told (via on Monday. "I haven't played in awhile."

Golf wasn't the only topic Romo addressed with reporters at his annual football camp in Burlington, Wisc. He is extremely optimistic about a new season, saying the Cowboys are "going to be pretty good this year."

"This is one of the most complete teams that I've been around," he said. "It's going to be a very enjoyable football season."

Romo also was asked how nice it is to enter the season with a new contract. (Romo signed a $108 million extension in March.)

"I signed one when I first got into the league, and this is my third," Romo said. "It's a great thing that the team believes in you and they think you're the guy that will take them where they want to go. It makes you work and get to a point where you can bring everybody a Super Bowl."

Cowboys fans probably would settle just to get back to the playoffs first.

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