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Tony Romo: Change in mechanics can be 'really special'

It's been a fun last few days in surprising revelations involving prominent members of the Dallas Cowboys.

First, there was team executive Stephen Jones talking about the Cowboys' "secret sauce." Then, there was Jerry Jones dishing on his potential Benjamin Button brain.

Now we have Tony Romo, who told Fox Sports Southwest he's "discovered something that is going to be really special" with a change in his throwing mechanics.

"I don't want to get into all the details of it," Romo said. "But I really think it can be a positive change."

The change, we're told, has something to do with "arm angles and release points." This would make sense.

Truthfully, we can name a small army of starting quarterbacks who could use a mechanics touch-up before Romo. A look at his numbers tells the story of a player who's been among the most productive quarterbacks in football over the past half decade.

Romo's true flaw has been his propensity to throw killer interceptions at inopportune times. It's his decision-making -- especially in big spots -- that could use an adjustment.

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