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Tommy Kelly's 'take out the QB' comments misquoted

Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly sounded like a man out for revenge Sunday, but his words were taken out of context.

After Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer left Sunday's 17-6 loss to the Carolina Panthers with a rib injury, Kelly was quoted by The Associated Press as saying the following: "You take our guy out, we're going to go and try to take your guy out. We're not out to hurt someone, but when that happens ..."

Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle rewound his tape recorder and transcribed the actual quote.

"You don't ever want to see your quarterback get put out of the game," Kelly (actually) said. "So, personally, we try to put their quarterback out of the game. You don't try to do nothing illegal, but you see someone put your quarterback out, it kind of makes you want to put theirs out."

Nothing about Kelly's quotes -- either of them -- are startling, but Tafur noted that Kelly's demeanor was calm and philosophical, not fiery or out of control. The misquote generated stories suggesting Kelly's intent to injure, but the reality? He's just telling it how it is.

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