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Tomlinson: Jets starting 'not to trust' Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets' coaching staff and front office have showed steadfast support for Mark Sanchez, but there has been a sense of late that it has been waning. NFL Network's LaDainian Tomlinson says Sanchez also is losing support in the locker room.

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"Well (Sanchez's) almost at the end of his rope," Tomlinson said on "NFL GameDay Morning" on Sunday. "Talking to guys in this locker room, they're starting not to trust Sanchez as a football player. Turning the football over, inconsistent play.

"And here's the thing: They have to get better play from the quarterback position. Rex Ryan has said it over and over again, but I think they're going to give Sanchez two or three more starts to try to turn this team around, and then they're going to go with Tim Tebow."

Tomlinson, of course, was in that Jets locker room last year. His comments don't bode well for Sanchez.

Then again, it's odd that all this criticism is coming after a good performance by Sanchez. Anyone who blames Sanchez for the Jets' loss to the Houston Texans is willfully blind or has an agenda.

Sunday shapes up as a pivotal start for Sanchez. If he doesn't play well and the Jets fall to 2-4, Tebow finally might get his shot.

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