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Tomlin hangs up on Jacksonville media over talk of playoff loss

Turns out Mike Tomlin still hasn't worked out all his residual anger from the Steelers' 2008 wild-card playoff loss to the Jaguars.

If you recall, the Jaguars beat the Steelers 31-29, thanks in large part to a missed holding call on David Garrard's fourth-and-2 draw late in the fourth quarter.

The Jaguarsreturn to Pittsburgh on Sunday for the first time since that upset win. When Tomlin was asked during a media conference call if the Steelers had sent video of the decisive play to the league office, things became awkward.

Why not?

"Why would I?" Tomlin answered.

Wasn't there a questionable non-call on that play?

"Guys, come on man," Tomlin said, now clearly annoyed. "I'm not going to cry over four-year-old spilled milk. Anybody got any legitimate questions? Goll-lly."

The playoff game in question is a landmark moment for the Jaguars, who rewarded Garrard and coach Jack Del Rio with rich contracts following the win. The team then traded away seven draft picks to select bust defensive ends Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves in the first and second rounds, respectively. When the moves backfired, the Steelers game became known as the "worst win" in franchise history.

Because of its big-picture relevance for the Jaguars, it's natural that Tomlin would be questioned about the game.

"Guys, that was four years ago," Tomlin said. "I understand that might have been a big game in Jacksonville, but that's old news. Many of those guys are no longer here and definitely many of the guys that were in Jacksonville are no longer there. Anybody got any questions relative to this week?"

Before another question could be asked, Tomlin hung up the phone, promptly ending the media's interaction with the coach for the afternoon. That's not very nice.

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