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Tom Brady wired for sound during Patriots' wild win

Great stuff this week from the "Sound FX" crew, who had quarterback Tom Brady wired during Sunday's win over the New Orleans Saints.

Brady, of course, led the New England Patriots on a last-minute touchdown drive that still has Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan stumbling through the woods of Foxborough in a daze.

"This group here is going to be why we win right here," a forceful Brady told his receivers during pregame warmups. "Let's play our best. We've been putting it in the tank. Let's pull something out today."

The video has the effect of reminding us what Brady has had to work with during the Pats' 5-1 start. Gronkowski, Hernandez and Welker have been replaced by Edelman, Thompkins and Amendola.

And yet, the Patriots march on. A credit to the great Brady. Of course -- as we learn at the 1:09 mark of the video -- even the great ones get left hanging sometimes.

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