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Tom Brady very well might be 'a prophet' to Tim Tebow

The national media has misquoted Tom Brady and sensationalized an otherwise routine postgame encounter between the Patriots' quarterback and Tim Tebow back in Week 15.

Yes, it's true that Brady reminded Tebow after beating him that good things happen to good people. But Brady never made a bold prediction the way it's been made to seem.

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"Maybe we'll see you again," Brady told Tebow, "maybe" being the key word left out by various media outlets.

A profound Nostradamus-like moment? Hardly. More like a well-wish from one playoff-contending quarterback to another -- and something Brady probably has said before during postgame handshakes in his career.

Be that as it may, Tebow was reminded of Brady's words Sunday night after the Broncos' 29-23 overtime wild-card victory over the Steelers. Tebow apparently played coy at first, then offered up this about Brady.

"He might've said something like that," Tebow said. "So I guess he's a prophet, I don't know."

The Broncos will, indeed, travel to New England on Saturday to play the Patriots in an AFC Divisional Playoff Game. But while Brady sometimes plays as though he's from a supernatural world, Thomas isn't the name of any prophets recognized in the Bible.

Unless, of course, Tebow knows something the rest of us don't.

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