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Tom Brady trash-talked by Richard Sherman after loss

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is a future Pro Bowl player, and that future might start this year. After perhaps the best performance of his young career Sunday against the New England Patriots, the guy was feeling like the champion of the world.

"We're built for a heavyweight fight," Sherman said after the Seahawks' 24-23 victory over the Patriots, via the Seattle Times. "I don't think they're built for a heavyweight fight."

Sherman was only getting started. First, he went here on Twitter:

"Brady sure looks like a man who turned the 12th Man against us," Sherman wrote, attached to a picture of a dejected-looking Tom Brady.

Then he came on really strong, tweeting: "He told me and Earl to see him after the game when they win..... I found him after...." He added a picture of himself yelling at Brady with the words "U mad bro?" on it.

That tweet and picture later were deleted.

Sherman told the News Tribune that he and Seahawks safety Earl Thomas jawed with Brady during the game, which explains the tweets. And while the temptation is to point out that Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and Sherman, who had an interception Sunday, is just a second-year pro, we have to admit we love the attitude of this Seahawks defense.

They are a different team to prepare for. They are physical, with great depth. Their secondary is massive.

They will fight to the fourth quarter, and they'll tell you about it afterward.

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