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Tom Brady: New England Patriots have to 'move on'

Tom Brady has spent 14 seasons in the NFL, and he's still seeing new situations.

Brady was asked Tuesday on WEEI Radio if he'd ever seen a pass called uncatchable because it was too low; the New England Patriots quarterback called it a new experience.

"No, I haven't," he said. "I'm sure there is a first time for everything. We get our fair share of calls and we don't. Referees never want to be in that position either ... I guess being in the NFL for as long as I've been in you see kinda everything. It happened and we're gonna have to move on. You don't have long to grieve in the NFL."

Brady is ready to move on from the controversial ending to Monday's game but got a final jab in during his Wednesday news conference:

"My mom thought it was a penalty. ... No more thoughts."

Some other highlights from Brady's interview on "The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show":

»* On keeping his composure after the no call. *

" ... I'm sure everyone has their own feelings on it, but my own personal feeling is yeah, there is frustration. I was certainly frustrated at the moment it happened but also going into the locker room and understanding that we really blew the chances that we had."

»*Was it conveyed to the team not to complain about the call? *

"No, (Bill Belichick) didn't say anything. He said look, we played hard, keep your head up, we have a whole season ahead of us. Let's not make any excuses and move on."

»*Do you expect to see your ol' pal Wes (Welker) dressed and in uniform Sunday night? *

"Yes, I do. I've been around him long enough to know what he's all about. He loves playing football and if there's a chance to play, especially coming back here, he's definitely going to be out there. I got no question about that."

»*Did (Welker) text you? Did he call you? *

"No, no he didn't do that. It would take an awful lot for him to miss this game."

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