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Tom Brady is game for another 'SNL' hosting gig

If nothing else, Tom Brady's welcome star turn on proved his sense of humor is still intact after a rough setback in Super Bowl XLVI.

The New England Patriots quarterback gives a legitimately good performance in the video, showing off his improved comedic chops in the years since his "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig in 2005. To be fair, "SNL" is a live show, while the director of "Tom Brady's Wicked Accent" could've sat in that Dick's Sporting Goods store all day until he got what he wanted.

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Nevertheless, it was good comedy, and Brady discussed the part during a spot with WEEI in Boston on Wednesday.

"It's not like Tom Hanks in 'Castaway,' it's not like I'm playing some dramatic role or something," Brady joked. "It's pretty much being me. It was fun. It's interesting when you work with some people for a few years and they go, 'Why don't we try this?' When I saw what they were asking me to do, I thought it could be pretty good.

"There were some funny parts of that day that maybe they caught on some B-roll stuff," he said. "I was laughing pretty much the whole day until they told me to get pissed."

Speaking of "Saturday Night Live," Brady was surprisingly gung-ho when asked if he would be game to again host the venerable late-night standard.

"I would. That would be fun to do again at some point if I had the opportunity," he said, sending a chill down the spine of Seth Meyers, "SNL" head writer and an avid Boston sports fan. "That was a great experience. Like a lot of things, you go through them and you don't appreciate them until they're over.

"That was one of those experiences where I loved doing it, but then really realized how much I loved doing it after it was over. You go, 'God man, I wish I just took in every single moment of that.' "

A professional athlete on "SNL" is a notoriously hit-or-miss venture, but Brady possesses the star wattage and charisma that makes him a must-book for Lorne Michaels.

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