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Titus Young's high school coach hopes WR gets help

The Titus Young story took another left turn on Tuesday, when it was learned the former Detroit Lions wide receiver was arrested twice in the span of 15 hours over the weekend.

The incidents did nothing to help Young's chances of making it back to the NFL. More importantly, the behavior served as another sign that Young's mental state is in question.

E.C. Robinson, Young's former high school coach, said he hasn't been in contact with the wide receiver since late March.

"Based on the last time I did see him, I knew unless he got some help, there was going to be some issues, and I told him that, too," Robinson said, according to the Detroit Free Press. "And I thought maybe since I hadn't heard anything from him, he was in some institute getting some help. That's what I just figured. But I know the last time I saw him, I was just shocked the stage he was in at that time."

Robinson was asked what state Young was in.

"He was talking some things that just didn't make sense," Robinson said. "I don't know, I just wish he'd get some help. I know football is probably out of the question. Right now it's trying to get his life together."

It's become increasingly apparent Young isn't in a stable place emotionally. It also helps to explain why the St. Louis Rams felt compelled to cut ties with the wideout after just 10 days in February.

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