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Titans' Marc Mariani reflects on brutal left leg injury

The memory of one the most gruesome injuries in recent memory is still fresh on his mind, Tennessee Titans wide receiver Marc Mariani isn't feeling sorry for himself.

Mariani isn't soon to forget the events of last Thursday in Tennessee, when he suffered a compound fracture of his lower left leg while returning a punt.

It was a grisly scene, so bad that players on the field cautioned Mariani not to look down moments after the injury. He did anyway.

"It was a scared feeling of, 'This could be it.' Your mind immediately goes to, 'Is this the last play I'll ever play? Is this the end of my career?' " Mariani said Monday, via The Tennessean. "That was kind of my worry from the get-go."

Mariani said the area above his right ankle "kind of exploded a little bit," but he didn't suffer any ligament damage. He had a metal rod placed in his lower leg, and is hoping to be ready for the 2013 season.

"There is a funny picture of my ankle just kind of hanging there and the ball still high and tight in my arms," Mariani said. "I made a joke I still have ball security, even though my ankle is flopping."

Mariani is wrong about that being funny. It's hilarious. (Author vomits into nearby garbage can.)

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