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Titans' Hayes calls out Falcons O-line: 'They'll hit you late'

More mudslinging involving hefty, agitated linemen.

This time, it's Titans defensive end William Hayes, who believes the Falcons' offensive line has flipped to the dark side.

"They'll hit you late, and around the pile they'll hit you in the back," Hayes told The Tennessean on Friday. "They'll keep holding your jersey, and just kind of pester you, just a lot of stupid stuff really. But that is my type of football anyway. I don't like a quiet game."

Wait ... pester?

Hayes grew cloudy when asked to single out the guilty.

"It's their whole O-line," Hayes said. "But that's OK. I am down for a little junk-talking."

Is it us, or has the "dirty" label simply caught fire?

Now the Titans are riding that train.

Last season, Kyle Orton called the Titans"cheap."

And everyone's got the Lions pegged as an angry hot mess of tangled emotions.

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