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Time to find Tony Romo's successor in Dallas?

Tony Romo will turn 34 years old after his contract with the Dallas Cowboys expires following the 2013 season. Few quarterbacks have faced the same level of scrutiny, but while Romo's roundly bashed, his numbers tell a different story.

Romo is a productive passer, but Dallas has won only a single playoff game during his reign. The core roster continually is hoisted up as one of the most talented in the NFL, but after another underwhelming campaign in 2011, the Cowboys are under pressure to produce a winner.

If they do, and if Romo finally takes Dallas deep into January, a contract extension is likely. But, if we see more of the same, then what? ESPN Dallas raised the question Monday, and we ask you the same: Is it time for the Cowboys to groom a future franchise quarterback?

There isn't heightened urgency to acquire a young arm, not when Kyle Orton gives the team one of football's better backup options. But Stephen McGee is a project, and neither feels like the answer long-term.

This year's deep quarterback class offers possibilities. Don't look for Dallas to do anything with the 14th or 45th pick, but drafting a passer in the later rounds isn't out of the question.

For some Cowboys fans, the idea of parting ways with Romo is blasphemy. For others, a topic to mull over. We're not underselling Romo; the team has stumbled as a whole in the NFC East. Whether it's fair, Romo has failed to guide the Cowboys where so many expected them to go. If we're saying the same in January 2014, would it be wise to have another option groomed and ready to go?

You tell us.

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