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Tim Tebow takes New York Jets' first-team snaps

With Mark Sanchez looking on, New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow took a pair of first-team snaps on Wednesday.

Now here's the catch: It doesn't matter.

"It was just two more plays," Tebow, told Jenny Vrentas of the The Star-Ledger. "Try to execute and do your job like any other play."

And that's what it was. Just any other play.

Two plays, actually: The first, a deep, incomplete toss to Eron Riley. The second, a completion to wideout Patrick Turner, who beat Antonio Cromartie for a 60-yard touchdown (contain yourselves).

Tebow lined up for 11-on-11s as the offense cycled through its third-down package. Rex Ryan chuckled about the scoring strike, which came against the same defensive alignment Tebow saw in Denver on his 20-yard, game-sealing touchdown scamper against the Jets in Week 11 last season.

Because it's Tebow, Sanchez and the high-octane stew known as the Jets, this is ripe for overreaction. Let's avoid it. Up in New England, even Brian Hoyer gets a snap or two with the ones. Graham Harrell sees a little first-team action in Green Bay and, down in New Orleans, Chase Daniel will get to know the starting center. Life moves onward.

We'll learn more about this offense Friday, when the Jets visit the Cincinnati Bengals. Ryan told The Associated Press that Sanchez will play "a quarter or so," while Tebow could play about two. That deserves more analysis than two plays in Cortland, N.Y.

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