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Tim Tebow's 'spirituality' a plus, Patriots owner says

It's hard to get a feel for why exactly the New England Patriots decided to bring Tim Tebow aboard this week. The man signing the quarterback's check gave an interesting answer.

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that Tebow's "spirituality" attracted the team to Tebow.

"He is someone who believes in spirituality, is very competitive and works hard and has a great attitude," Kraft said Wednesday, via "He's a winner."

Kraft then mentioned Tebow's "spirituality" two more times in the interview.

Bill Belichick looks for players who can help his team in all shapes, sizes and religions. It's hard to imagine Tebow's faith played a role in the signing, but Kraft's words make it clear that ownership was fully on board with the decision.

According to the New York Post, Kraft said Tebow's throwing motion looks good and that "it's really exciting to have him here."

That excitement just might not result in playing time. Kraft pointed out that he doesn't want Tom Brady to come off the field for even one play, which is an attitude we expect will be shared throughout the Patriots' organization.

Tebow's off-the-field profile can't hurt his chances, but ultimately he's just like a lot of other guys on the Patriots' bloated 90-man summer roster. Tebow has to show a lot just to make the final 53-man team in September.

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