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Tim Tebow ripped by unnamed Denver Broncos player

Tim Tebow has faded into the background on a New York Jets offense that appears unsure how to use the backup quarterback in game situations.

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Mike Freeman of reports more than a few of Tebow's former Denver teammates aren't surprised.

Enter -- and please bear with us -- the Anonymous Bronco.

"When Tim was here, we saw the issues up close," the unidentified player said. "The Jets didn't, and now they are seeing the problems, too."

Then this: "I feel really, really bad for Tim. He's a good person, just not an NFL quarterback."

Multiple Broncos players told Freeman last year's 8-8 playoff team was better than its record. They argued Tebow -- lauded for his heroics -- held Denver back on the field.

"Of course we're comparing this year to last year," a second player told Freeman. "This year, we won the division with four games left. That's all Peyton Manning. If Tebow was here, we'd still be squeaking out wins, or losing games we shouldn't be losing. The division would be coming down to the last game.

"I've been following Tim in New York, and I feel horrible for him. Everyone here, I think, wants the best for him. He's a good guy. But you can't turn Tim into something he's not, and he's not really an NFL quarterback. He's more of a gimmick player."

Freeman described a sense of collective locker-room gratitude toward John Elway, the former Broncos quarterback and current team executive, who pulled the levers to ship Tebow to New York and bring Peyton Manning westward.

"I'm watching Tim and wishing him well but glad I'm here with Peyton," another Denver player said.

It's hard not to feel for Tebow. The repeated target of anonymous criticism deserves better from his former teammates in Denver and his current ones in New York. If nothing else, Tebow has been an example of the ultimate team player -- something his unidentified detractors never will be.

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