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Tim Tebow: New York Jets players' criticism saddening

Mark Sanchez has been in New York long enough to know the score. This latest controversy about Tim Tebow will die down eventually, one way or another.

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There is only one quick way to extinguish the flames.

"Just win a damn game and all this will turn," Sanchez said, via Newsday.

Like a lot of New York Jets, Sanchez was disappointed by the anonymous quotes about Tebow, his backup at quarterback.

"You don't have to blast the guy," Sanchez said. "(Tim) works his butt off."

Tebow, for his part, said it was "human" to be a little disappointed and sad about the comments, but he's not the type to worry about it.

"I always find the good and the positive in every situation," Tebow said, via The Associated Press, "and the positive of this is to go and work a little harder and build better relationships with your teammates."

Tebow was asked where he goes from here.

"To a special teams meeting," he replied, via Newsday.

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