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Tim Tebow courted by Omaha Beef, a team that exists

Tim Tebow cleared waivers on Tuesday, leaving him free to sign with any NFL team.

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If he can't find a taker, he does have an offer in hand from the Omaha Beef, which apparently is a real team with uniforms and everything.

We decided to do a post on the Beef because a) we respect their shamelessness in matters of free publicity, and b) they have the most absurd nickname in the history of professional sports.

(Seriously, if you're signed by the Beef, do you even tell your parents? If you do, how quickly do you clarify it's not a job at a minor league version of Chippendales?)

A day after Tebow was cut by the New York Jets, the Beef called the office of Tebow agent Jimmy Sexton to offer a standard player contract. Beef assistant general manager Andrew Mather said Tuesday that he doesn't expect to hear back, but he thought it was worth asking.

How many times a day do you think Andrew Mather makes a business call, leaves a voicemail, goes about his business, then heads home at night having not heard back from anyone? Six times? Ten? Twenty? Has anyone ever returned a phone call to the assistant GM of the Beef?

These are the real questions that linger.

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