Tim Tebow circus good and bad, ex-teammate Daniel Fells says

Tim Tebow brings a lot to an NFL locker room. Some of it just happens to be a distracting media frenzy, his former Denver Broncos teammate, Daniel Fells, recently told the New England Sports Network.

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"It was a circus," Fells, a tight end who's now with the New England Patriots, said of the media blitz in Denver last season. "Just like any circus, there's good, and there's bad. It was something that you just took in stride."

After Tim Tebow took over as the Broncos' starting quarterback in Week 7, he went 7-4 and took the team to the playoffs, where he defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild-card round with a stunning 80-yard game winning pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime.

But the media attention was something his teammates had to deal with each day, as they will surely do now that he has been traded to the New York Jets.

"The media frenzy all day every day," Fells said. "That can be somewhat of a distraction sometimes. But (Tebow) is the type of person who just takes everything in stride, and he's a truly genuine person, so he just kind of almost brushed it off a little bit. He didn't let all of the hype get to his head."

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