Three storylines to watch from Bills-Patriots

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills are slated to face off in one of the more anticipated matchups in the rivalry's recent memory Sunday. After spending the day in New York talking with players Saturday, here were some storylines the two teams were following heading into the big game.

» Last week, going into the Bills' game against the Indianapolis Colts, the question that was being asked was, "Was naming Tyrod Taylor the starter the right decision?" This week, the question is, "Is Taylor for real?" Patriots safety Patrick Chung said he certainly believes so. "I don't see an inexpereienced quarterback," Chung said. "He's in his fifth year. He's making throws and he's extending plays and he's making plays. So I don't see an inexperienced quarterback. I see a good quarterback that got a chance and took advantage of his opportunity."

» New England did a good job pushing the tempo against the Steelers in Week 1. So much so, there were times when Pittsburgh seemed unable to get lined up, and even when they did, the Patriots were able to pick out the mismatches and exploit them. That wasn't lost this week on the Bills' secondary. It doesn't take film study, though, to know that they can't allow tight end Rob Gronkowski to get matched up on a corner on Sunday. "That's a big mismatch right there," Bills safety Aaron Williams said. "All you have to do is let Gronk use his body and it's a wrap. It's really hard for a corner with that type of size, who is that big and that athletic, to go one on one. We have to make sure we are communicating and that everyone gets the call first. That's the No. 1 thing. As long as we are lined up, I feel like we will be OK."

» If the Patriots pin up chatter from their opponent on a bulletin board, they are likely running out of room on it by now. From the billboards mocking New England about Deflategate in Western New York, to the Bills selling ball pumps in the front window of their pro shop, it's clear Buffalo doesn't mind talking a little pre-game trash. The bad blood is of a competitive nature, and after all, the two teams are division rivals. Plus, who doesn't want to beat the defending champions? But Sunday's matchup has gotten a bit more personal. After Bills safety Aaron Williams told reporters he doesn't like the Patriots, he followed it up by telling me, "The way they kind of portray themselves is not really how they are," he said. "They are a great team, but sometimes I feel like they don't always walk the walk. They will say one thing and mean another."

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