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Thigpen trying to do his best Vick impression in Bills practice

The Vince Young impostor arrest has us on a big impersonator kick these days, so we were obviously pumped by a headline on the Buffalo Bills' official website stating a Michael Vick impersonator was at practice Wednesday.

Imagine our disappointment when we realized the site was referring to backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen, who's "playing" Michael Vick in practice as the team prepares for its Week 5 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Thigpen isn't exactly a dead ringer for Vick in look or style, but Bills coach Chan Gailey said he'll get the job done as the team prepares.

"We'll work on that with some different drills to get (ready for Vick)," Gailey said. "Right now Tyler (Thigpen) will be it."

Vick was asked during a conference call about other teams finding a player to emulate his unique style.

"That's tough," he said, chuckling. "That's hard to find. Good luck with that."

Told the Bills were using Thigpen, a player who hasn't had a rushing touchdown since 2008, Vick was kind.

"Yeah, Tyler can move around a little bit," he said.

Did we mention we're bummed there's no dude cruising West Chippewa Street telling the ladies of Buffalo he's the reigning NFL Comeback Player of the Year? Really disappointing.

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