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There's not much hope for 0-2 teams to turn things around

Teams that have started 0-2 have not had a great track record of turning things around the past two seasons, with no team rallying to finish above .500. What 2011 team do you think has the best chance at breaking that trend, and how can they do it?

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  • Brian Billick NFL Network
  • Don't bet on any 0-2 team rebounding to finish above .500

I don't think that will change this season either, but the Rams have the greatest chance given the overall weakness of the NFC West. At best, they survive the first half of their brutal schedule at 2-6, which means they will need to win 7 of their last 8 to break .500. Sam Bradford gives them a chance, but I wouldn't count on it. With all the injuries thus far, Ron Bartell's will prove most costly.

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  • Dave Dameshek
  • Give me the Dolphins ... I guess

Do I really have to choose one? I feel like I have a reasonably furtive imagination, but it's hard for me to conceive of any of these teams breaking that nasty trend. That said, I guess I'll dip my toe in the waters off South Beach. Coach Sparano's defense should get better and will blend well with the team's burgeoning running game. A nice young offensive line blocking for Thunder Thomas and Lightning Bush might -- I said might -- allow the Dolphins to win more often than they lose the rest of the way.

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  • Charles DavisNFL Network
  • Rams too talented not to finish above .500

The Rams have the best opportunity to turn things around, and at least break .500 on the season. For me, it's based on talent. Of all the 0-2 teams, the Rams have what I believe is better overall talent. Plus, the NFC West is so evenly matched that an 0-2 team can play their way back into contention.

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  • Pat Kirwan
  • Too much pressure on winless teams

I don't think any of the 0-2 teams will pull out of the situation they are in this year. There is so much pressure mounting on the players and coaches of those teams. The Rams are still in a good position to win the division, but it may not be with a winning record. The Rams' schedule is tough and they have a lot of injuries, but I still think they win the division with a 7-9 record.

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