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Theismann on Vikings' McNabb: 'His football work is bad'

This much is clear: Joe Theismann has seen enough of the Donovan McNabb experiment in Minnesota.

"When Donovan left to come to Minnesota, I said publicly: 'You can't hide anymore. This is on you. You're going to be what you're going to be.' It's what he was in Washington," Theismann, an NFL Network analyst, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Tuesday.

"... (McNabb) has conducted himself with the utmost class, but he can't throw the football accurately. ... I think the world of him as a person, but as a football player ... his mechanics are horrible. They've been horrible, they are horrible, they'll remain horrible. And that's unfortunate, because he's too far into it now. His football work is bad, his accuracy is bad."

With the Vikings' ship sinking, Theismann believes it's time to take a closer look at rookie Christian Ponder.

"The offensive line is bad," Theismann said. "You're limited, but you're still going to have to learn. Are you going to wait until you think you have an offensive line to put him out there? The experience is worth the risk at this point."

Theismann points to the inevitable. It's only a matter of time before Ponder is shuffled out before the masses. One odd wrinkle: With the winless Vikings at the front of the so-called Andrew Luck derby, Ponder might have some extra incentive to engineer a few victories to -- well -- ensure he doesn't go the way of Jimmy Clausen come April's draft.

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