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'The Top 100: Players of 2012' by the numbers

So the "The Top 100: Players of 2012" has been revealed. Aaron Rodgers is the king, Tom Brady fell too far, and John Kuhnmade us question the entire validity of the list.

So what did we learn? Let's take one last look, with a numbers slant.

(Note: Numbers based on 2011 rosters, i.e., Tim Tebow is a Bronco, not a Jet.)

Jeremiah: Budding stars

There were four rookies on NFL Network's "Top 100," and Daniel Jeremiah thinks four more could make the cut next year. **More ...**

Most players by division

AFC North: 16
NFC East: 16
NFC North: 16
NFC South: 13
NFC West: 13
AFC South: 9
AFC West: 9
AFC East: 8

Note: The Patriots were the only AFC East team with more than one player on the list. ... The NFC West gets a bad rap, but the talent level throughout the division improved quite a bit last year. It's no longer the worst division in football.

By Conference

NFC: 58
AFC: 42

Most players on the list by team

The Dream team almost had a Top 100 player for every 2012 win.

Fewest players on the list by team

The Chargers and Jets are often called "talented" but this ranking shows that they lack elite talent. ... The Bills could add a few "Top 100" players this year with Mario Williams, Marcell Dareus and a healthy Fred Jackson.

Most players by college

Miami (FL) - 9
Cal - 5
Michigan - 4
USC - 4
Georgia - 3
Mississippi - 3
Pittsburgh - 3
Tennessee - 3

"The U" remains dominant despite its recent falloff in the standings. ... Cal is very surprising at No. 2. We hope no one tells Michael Silver. ... Note to Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn: Florida had two players on the list. Notre Dame had one.

Most players by position

RB - 15
WR - 14
QB - 13
DE - 10
CB - 8
OLB - 8
OT - 5
TE - 5
DT - 3
OG -3
C -2
FB - 2
FS -2
MLB - 2
SS - 1

NFL players like the fantasy football positions too with running back, wideout and quarterback leading the way. Running back leads the way despite being the most fungible position in the league. ... If linebacker was listed as one position, it would lead with 17. ... Having two fullbacks and only three defensive tackles on the list is ridiculous.

And with that, we're done until next offseason. Unless they start airing players No. 101-200 over the next month.

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