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The sad case of Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens' appearance on the Dr. Phil show figures to inspire a lot of snarky jokes. Perhaps it will also cause some holier than thou moralizing. It will get attention, which is probably what Owens wants.

We often take the lighter side of football posts on Around the League, but our only emotion after watching a few preview clips for the show was sadness. It's a depressing situation for Owens' children and for the mothers of his children. And yes, for Owens, who has talked about thoughts of "giving up" in the past week.

T.O. has spoken before about his rough upbringing and meeting his father at age 11 for the first time. His father lived across the street without Owens knowing.

Owens is apparently out of money despite making $80 million in his career. He chose to join the show to confront the three mothers of his children. That inspired a question in our newsroom: Why on Earth would Terrell Owens -- one of the most productive receivers in NFL history -- put himself through this?

The sad answer: He can't help himself and he probably will get paid. That next football pay check may never come, so television appearances is what Owens does.

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