The one Super Bowl matchup we would like to see

The Bills and the Patriots played a game for the ages on Sunday afternoon. In a near life imitating art moment, that game was like something out of a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial, where I found myself saying out loud, "I don't want this game to ever end."

And for a while, it seemed like it would not end, with the Bills and Patriots trading scores in a flurry. When Fred Jackson scored what looked like a go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter, you just figured the Patriots would rally to send the game into overtime. (At least that is what I hoped for the sake of my fantasy team.)

But that touchdown was overturned and the Bills were able to bleed out the clock for a huge win to remain undefeated -- the only unbeaten team in the AFC. And you want to know why the Bills won that game? Sure, some credit should go to the mettle of Ryan Fitzpatrick, the running of Fred Jackson and the frenzied Buffalo crowd (some of the best fans, mind you). But realize that the Bills are undefeated after reverting back to their old-school uniforms. Who knows how this game might have turned out if the Patriots had decided to play ball, and wear their old-school uniforms.

So with that in mind, here are the six biggest trending topics in the NFL right now.

And without further ado …

6. #goraiders
The Raiders would be undefeated, but like the Patriots, blew a lead at Buffalo in Week 2. But that does not diminish the Raiders huge upset over the Jets. (Or was it an upset at all.) No matter, the Greyhound Bus' server crashed late Sunday after Raiders fans overloaded the site booking travel to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. The Raiders are back. Or so their fans want you to believe.

5. #bearsfakepunt
This clever punt return would be the single-greatest play of the weekend, except for two things. One, holding nullified the play. And second, the Bears were out of this game, and have ruined the surprise for a more apt moment. Remember that next time, Bears fans, when your team needs a huge return. But this was a cool fight.

4. #OMGitstheGramaticabrothers
The Gramatica brothers have returned to the NFL - well, at least in the form of a Bud Light commercial. Glad to see the brothers getting some work in. And with all of the reality TV shows out there, how have they not been given a show yet?

3. #gocurtispainter
Curtis Painter finally got on the field for the Colts on Sunday night, and after a terrible first drive, he did not look horrible. In fact, he looked almost better than Kerry Collins who was enticed to return to the NFL for $4 million. Seriously, you couldn't pay the league minimum for 0-3?

2. #donttouchtheQB
The NFL has gone out of its way to protect the quarterback. Well, all quarterbacks except for Michael Vick. At least that is what the injured Eagles quarterback would contend. Whether there is truth to that, we can debate here, but this dream season has really turned into a nightmare rather quickly.

1. #billslionssuperbowl
Allow me to speak not just for America, but the entire world, when I say that we are all rooting for a Bills vs. Lions matchup in the Super Bowl. If your own team cannot make the big game, could you think of a better matchup?

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