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The greatest football movie no one has seen

So Adam Rank has come up with the greatest 34 football movies of all time. While we have some issues with any list that A) includes "The Blind Side" and B) combines the awesome "Longest Yard" with the awful "Longest Yard," it was actually a very strong effort.

My biggest complaint: Nowhere in the explanation does it say football documentaries are not allowed. Documentaries are movies.

Rank: Top football movies ever

What's your favorite football movie of all time? Adam Rank has created a list of his top 34 gridiron films. **More ...**

And one of the five greatest football movies of all time came out this year and was totally ignored.

If you love football and have not seen "Undefeated," well, you need to see "Undefeated." It's "Friday Night Lights" come to life. It has 2-3 of the most impactful scenes I've ever seen in a movie. It won an Oscar for best documentary! (Its director even made The Rich Eisen Podcast.)

So yes, it should be ranked somewhere ahead of "The Gameplan" starring the Rock.

While I'm on the subject, let's recognize the best three football documentaries I've seen, excluding NFL Films' sweet "America's Game" series:

  1. "Undefeated"

I promise you will enjoy all three more than the "Quarterback Princess."

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