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The football field is a dangerous place for everybody

The football field is a dangerous place. And, it turns out, the sidelines are, too. Some of the best collisions have occurred well after the play has ended.

Now we count down the best sideline collisions in recent memory.

And don't worry, nobody was seriously hurt in the making of these videos. Although I almost sprained my ribcage from laughing.

Don't try this at home, and without further ado ...

6. Sash and dash

You think that covering the NFL Scouting Combine is going to be an easy gig with players running around in their underwear? Well, guess again. This NFL hopeful is taking this seriously.

5. Bowling for cameramen

Do you remember Trung Canidate? Here, the former St. Louis running back tries to pick up the title as top sideline bowler as he goes for the strike.

4. Super Charger

Pregame introductions can be dangerous, as we find out in this video. Coaches scream about execution, and that applies here, too.

3. This seems excessive

You often hear coaches talk about playing until the whistle. Well, on this particular play, you need to keep playing until well after the whistle. Trust me, well, well after the whistle.

2. This seems excessive II

Hey, look, collisions on the field are just a slice of NFL life. But you know what else is a slice of life? A little common courtesy. Not checking on a knocked-over friend? That is just inexcusable.

1. Oh, waitress!

They often say that players need to keep their head on a swivel. And that is true. But in the Arena Football League, that rule applies to everybody. Everybody! Including the waitresses.

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