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The Cleveland Browns' offense explained in one play

For a handful of teams Sunday, one or two plays marked the difference between 1-1 and 0-2.

For the Cleveland Browns, it was more than a single snap, but check out this killer missed opportunity in a 14-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Down 7-6 with the third quarter melting away, Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden misses fullback Chris Ogbonnaya on a wheel route that would have translated into a major gain -- if not a touchdown -- for Cleveland:

A better pass-catcher than Ogbonnaya might have hauled this in, but it highlights a theme I've seen from Weeden over the first two weeks of the season: Far too many of his throws lack touch.

The All-22 film against the Miami Dolphins in Week 1 revealed Weeden struggling with ball placement all day. Cleveland's receivers chronically dropped balls, but at least two of Weeden's three picks -- despite being tipped passes -- lacked NFL-level precision.

Am I nitpicking? I don't think so. Until Weeden -- or someone else -- learns to make these plays, the Browns will float on through league waters like a ghost ship.

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