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Texans' Matt Schaub: No one shouted obscenities at me

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub confirmed to reporters Wednesday afternoon that he contacted team security after seeing fans take pictures outside his home.

However, Schaub downplayed the incident, saying that to his knowledge, he didn't notice anyone screaming obscenities or get out of their car, according to the Houston Chronicle's John McClain.

NFL vice president of security Jeff Miller told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport earlier Wednesday that an unidentified person pulled into Schaub's driveway and "yelled obscenities" at him. Miller said the league is working with the local police on the matter.

KILT-AM in Houston first reported that Schaub was confronted at his home by two fans.

Schaub denied the incident occurred and said he called team security because he saw multiple people driving by his house taking pictures. The Schaub family also filed a report with the Houston Police Department regarding two separate trespassers and the investigation is in the earliest stages, according to the department's official Twitter account.

Schaub said that many fans know where he lives and often drive by to take pictures, according to McClain. However, Schaub said he never considered moving into a gated community nor would he disclose if he planed to hire a security team.

Schaub has been under fire lately after throwing a pick six in each of his last four games. Fans have already burned his jersey, so it's not a leap for him to worry about his family's safety.

Schaub, who is on thin ice but will start Sunday, handled the situation and the media with refinement.

UPDATE: Rapoport, appearing on NFL Network's "Around the League Live" on Wednesday, shed more light on the developing situation.

Rapoport reported that a source informed of the situation believes there is a photo of the person who most recently trespassed on Schaub's property. Schaub also is expected to take his house off public websites to make it a little more difficult for fans to find his house. The quarterback also will receive increased security on the road while these outstanding issues persist.

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