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Texans GM Rick Smith: No. 1 pick open for business

The Houston Texans know who they will select if they use the No. 1 overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, but general manager Rick Smith reminded everyone Thursday that the pick is open for business. Just in case you forgot.

"We are obviously open to moving out of the first pick," Smith said.

Smith repeated variations on the theme innumerable times throughout his press conference, proving a clear message while saying very little of substance.

"I know that if we select first, it's a unique opportunity obviously to be the first pick, so if we do select there, I know who we feel good about there. If we move, then obviously then there are variables that comes into play," Smith said.

That's three "ifs" in two sentences. And if you believe anything that a general manager says this month, that's on you. Move along, folks. Only seven more days until we get some real answers.

"I haven't determined much of anything yet," Smith said.

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