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Terrell Thomas not sure if NFL is ready for a gay player

The reaction to draft hopeful Michael Sam's announcement that he's gay has been overwhelmingly positive. From team owners to former teammatesto POTUS himself, Sam has received a lot of support.

An NFL roster, however, is a reflection of society. Personal reactions to Sam from potential teammates are bound to be more complicated. New York Giants cornerback Terrell Thomassummed up the conflict that some players will feel.

"Me, being a follower of Christ and a strong Christian, obviously that's a sin, and I definitely don't believe in it," Thomas told the New York Post. "I don't care to comment on it any more. You start bringing religion and politics into football it just gets ugly. I'm not saying he's selfish by any means, I know what he did is very courageous, a lot of people wouldn't do that, but at the same time no one really knows if the NFL is ready for it."

Thomas' entire take is worth reading for another perspective. He continually gives credit to Sam for his bravery but acknowledges how Sam's sexuality is at odds with Thomas' upbringing. Thomas believes all that truly matters is whether Sam will play. But he also believes it could create some difficulties in the locker room.

Thomas is worried about whether the usual locker room joking and pranks will be an issue.

"You have to be able to take that and when you're dealing with somebody that is considered gay, to make any type of comment of that nature towards him or towards somebody else, you don't know if you're offending him," Thomas said. "It changes a lot of things and I don't know if the NFL is ready for that."

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