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Terrell Suggs backs off November return date, again

Terrell Suggs continues to back away from his original prediction of a November return.

After the Baltimore Ravens linebacker tore his Achilles' tendon during an April workout (which absolutely did not involve a fadeaway jumper), he predicted he'd return in November. Suggs has since nixed the November promises, but still vows he'll play this season.

"I'm very optimistic (but) I'm not going to give no timetable (like) I'm going to be ready by this point (or) I'm going to be ready by that point (or) I'm going to be ready to play in this game," Suggs told ESPN's "First Take" on Thursday. "No, I'm not going to say that. But I will tell you that I will be playing in 2012."

The Ravens minus Suggs are a weakened beast, but if they stay in the playoff picture until he returns, last year's QB kryptonite could wreak havoc for Baltimore when it matters most.

We're speculating, but let's keep going. The Pittsburgh Steelers don't enter the picture until Nov. 18 and then again on Dec. 2. This is where Suggs can potentially decide the AFC North. We're not sure when we'll he'll be back -- he's isn't sure -- but even a little bit of Suggs will go a long way for this defense.

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