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Terrell Owens tackles accusations of bad parenting on 'Dr. Phil'

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens made his appearance on the "Dr. Phil" show as anticipated Tuesday, and the mothers of his children didn't hold back in recounting what they see as his shortcomings as a father.

One woman, named Kimber, said Owens "doesn't call, he doesn't send Christmas gifts," according to USA Today. Another woman, named Monique, accused Owens, 38, of "trying to exploit" their son by using him to better his image through public appearances.

Owens, who now plays for the Indoor Football League's Allen Wranglers, blamed his parenting struggles on a hectic life.

"The thing is, with me traveling back and forth, I don't have a set schedule," Owens said, according to the newspaper, claiming he has a difficult time getting in touch with his children.

Owens, who last played in the NFL in 2010 with the Cincinnati Bengals, told Dr. Phil that he has to pay almost $50,000 per month in child support. He said he's working to lower those payments, though he also said he chose to increase the support paid to one of the mothers.

Owens also told Dr. Phil, according to the newspaper, that he was hurt by his own father's poor parenting skills.

"I didn't know who my daddy was until I was 10 or 12," Owens said. "Surprising as it may seem, he was living right across the street."

According to the newspaper, Dr. Phil urged the mothers and Owens to "stop these hostilities, because it's your child who's picking up the tab for that."

The show wrapped with an appearance by two of Owens' daughters, who received an affectionate greeting from him.

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