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Terrell Owens reportedly could be jailed over absence

We wrote earlier about Terrell Owens' quest for a return to the NFL beginning to reach into "Mission: Impossible" territory.

The latest news on the troubled wide receiver doesn't help matters.

According to, Owens is $20,000 behind on child support payments and could be facing jail time. Owens didn't show up at his court appearance on Thursday in Atlanta, reportedly to the consternation of Judge John Goger.

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Meanwhile, file this one under, "Hey, that sounds familiar!": Owens' attorney, David Hartin, fell on the sword in saying Owens' no-show was the result of a miscommunication with his client. You might remember Owens blaming his fateful missed appearance at a children's hospital on a miscommunication with an Allen Wranglers publicist.

(If only there was a way for humans to communicate with each other without being face to face. Possibly a device that allows us to speak to each other from great distances. A talking box or a typed message transmitter? One day. One day.)

Owens has not made his child-support payments in months, according to Melanie Smith, the mother of Owens' seven-year-old daughter. He is required by the courts to pay $5,000 monthly.

"It's a tragedy, not only that we are here today; this is the third case she has had to file in the last year," Smith's attorney Randy Kessler told

The case has been reset for July 19. Owens will reportedly face jail time if he misses a second appearance. Let's hope this message gets to him in time.

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