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Terrell Owens' new agent faces impossible task

Terrell Owens fired his previous agent, Drew Rosenhaus, because he couldn't get a job. The next question is if Owens' new agent, Jordan Woy, can do any better.

(Hint: We really, really doubt it.)

Woy is paid to be confident, though.

"So the plan is just, he's healthy at this point, he's in great shape, and ... we're gonna go out there and visit with all 32 teams on a consistent basis, and hopefully somebody will along the way give him a shot," Woy told ESPN Radio Dallas on Tuesday, via "It's a timing issue. People will have injuries in training camp and in preseason, and if they do, we'll have to hope that somebody will give him a shot."

By "visit," we assume Woy means "make a phone call." Because teams aren't going to regularly host Owens. We respect the agent's honesty throughout the interview.

"What you need to do is be 100 percent ready and in tip-top shape and ready to go, if we get a break," Woy said he told Owens. "We may not get one. We may be told by everybody no."

The inglorious end of Owens' Indoor Football League run made Woy's job much tougher. Owens' talent no longer is worth the headaches he brings with him.

T.O. presents few problems for cornerbacks at this point, but the same amount of problems for coaches and owners.

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