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Terrell Owens dishes advice at NFL Rookie Symposium

The NFC rookies were able to hear a powerful voice in what not to do as a pro, when Adam "Pacman" Jones spoke to them. The AFC rookies are now at the NFL Rookie Symposium in Aurora, Ohio, and they got a similarly cautionary tale from Jones and a bigger name with him.

Terrell Owens spoke to the AFC rookies Thursday.

At first, we thought it was an odd choice. Has T.O. really learned from all his mistakes over the years dealing with teammates and organizations? After all, he was dramatically fired from his most recent job. He has become a depressing figure to follow. We know too much.

Owens' inclusion made more sense the more we thought about it. He admittedly has made huge mistakes over the years with his money. He's struggling to keep up with his child-support payment. He has battled with people in control of his money.

The bigger star you are in the NFL, the harder you can fall. Rookies will find out that no one is bigger than the game. And the game is a lot bigger than just football.

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