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Terrance West: Johnny Manziel questions distracting

Johnny Manziel isn't the only one that wants to see less of Johnny Manziel in the headlines. Some of his teammates have grown tired of answering questions about him.

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"It's a distraction," running back Terrance West said Friday of all the attention.

It's not just Manziel's teammates. Everyone from Joe Namath to Joe Montana has a take on Manziel, and most of them have a variation of the same theme: Tone it down. (Or this.)

"I'm just like any other rookie out here that they haven't got asked about a thousand times," Manziel said. "So more than anything, I think tired of that. They're tired of the hype -- which I am as well. So I'm sitting there seeing these things and I'm tired of it as well. I want to wake up with a week and not have my name going through something, and I'm working on getting better at that."

West and Browns pass rusher Paul Krugerhave expressed frustration with all the Manziel questions, and we don't blame them. But they might be as well get used to it: Manzielmania is only getting started.

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