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'Tebowing' sensation picks up steam after humble beginnings

And now the origin story -- of a trend less than a week old.

In the minutes following Denver's astonishing come-from-behind victory over the Miami Dolphins, Broncos fan Jared Kleinstein and his pals barreled out of a New York City saloon and took this photo, in honor of quarterback Tim Tebow's prayerful stance after the win.

The Denver Post reported that within 24 hours, Kleinstein went viral with the photo. You know the drill: Facebook, blog, domain name purchase, etc.

BANG. Internet was up and running, and it's now netting photos from all corners, with men, women and children submitting their (sometimes highly awkward) version of the pose.

Yesterday we pinpointed a few of our favorites (namely Area Surgeon Who Should Have His Focus Elsewhere Tebowing). In the hours since, we've also fallen for Green Man Tebowing and Overly Serious Meditative Woman Tebowing.

Kleinstein is clear, this is in honor of the quarterback, not a jab, and Tebow tweeted his approval Thursday night

It's catching fire inside team walls, too, with Broncos linebacker Von Miller seen Tebowing away the day after practice. (Come on, John Fox, your turn.)

"Love him or hate him, but Tebow fever is contagious," Kleinstein said. "It's a lot of fun, and that's why this worked so well."

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